Truckstop Cam

View from the camera. The camera is sited on the third floor of my house looking down at the small truck stop next door. Not the most exciting place to put an internet camera but it is the only place available at the moment.

It is a reasonably active place, particularly around 6:00am, and it is lit up at night so visitors from the northern hemisphere get something to look at. It's not particularly active at night but you will be able to see a few parked trucks, a bloody big light that shines right into my upstairs hallway, and (if you are lucky) somebody filling their vehicle.

Sometime in the future I intend to get some sort of wireless device and an outside enclosure for the camera. Then I will be able to move it around - beside the pool for summer or at the Ruahine mountain range when it's looking particularly good in winter.

How To View

There are two ways to view the images - an ActiveX viewer and a Java viewer. The ActiveX viewer is for people using Microsoft Internet Explorer and the Java viewer is for people with real web browsers. The ActiveX viewer requires a 500kb download of an ActiveX component before anything can be viewed so you will need to be patient if you choose this method.

You can view the truckstop cam here (in a new window). It's quite straight foward. Select the ActiveX viewer or the Java viewer and then click on the login button.

Since this page was first produced, Microsoft appear to have made it almost impossible for the ActiveX component to work. You really are far better off using something like Firefox (in a new window).